Graphic and Web Design

The Graphics Gallery is available to view more examples of my design.

Graphic Design Examples

Relay Running Team participating in Reach the Beach, September 2015
Took the design idea drawn by relay running team members and created a design in Illustrator. This illustration was printed on t-shirts and used by the team during the Reach the Beach race.

Miracles—Team participating in Relay for Life
Created a design based on the team name chosen for Maynard's Relay for Life event.

Broadsword, a band in the Greater Boston area
Created the graphic artwork for their three CD covers in 2012 based on an original concept by Mac McKee and photography by Vito Amorello, both are members of Broadsword the band. Visit to learn more.

Apponequet majorette squad
Designed the text of team members names inside the text of Cascada for the squad's t-shirt. The dancer image seen on the shirt was added by the printers. I also designed the illustrations for squad's sweatshirts.

Greater Boston area Musician/ Music Teacher
Designed flyers in winter 2010 and spring 2011 for a Boston Musician/Music Teacher. A tear sheet flyer was designed in July 2011, which included a QR code bringing a viewer to a specific website when they used their smart phones. (Please note: The QR code will bring you to a page stating the campaign has ended. It previously brought the viewer to a website showcasing some of the musician's music.)

Contract Design Examples

Illustrations for The Boston Foundation: Created maps used in the Breaking the Language Barrier: A Report on the English Language Services in Greater Boston. View the report on The Boston Foundation website.

Web Design Examples

Dream Line Africa: Designed logo and website highlighting the artisan work of a group of Ugandan women. Dream Line Africa is a project between the Namongongo Fund for Special Children and the Global Goods Foundation.

Greater Providence Wheaton Club: Designed the website in 2015 and it's jQuery Mobile counterpart.

Greater Boston Wheaton Club: Serve as the webmaster between 2003 and 2019. The jQuery mobile version was created in 2013. I am an steering committee member who has written a few of the alumni profiles. I act as the Facebook and Instagram Administrator..

NPF Accounting: Designed the website in 2009. In the fall of 2013, a new design and a jQuery Mobile site was created.


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