Cynthia L. Rodday Designs


I majored in Studio Art specifically charcoal drawings at college. At the beginning of graduate school, I worked on a number of projects ranging from printmaking, digital arts, and drawing. I focused my time on lithography as I finished my graduate program.

While I loved lithography, I began exploring digital media due to my limited access to printing presses after graduate school. The result was the creation of my digital mixed-media prints. The images used were photographs taken during travels. The digital mixed-media prints are then altered to create dynamic, new landscapes through the use of Adobe Photoshop. The image was further enhanced by the program’s many tools such as layers, adjustment layers, paintbrushes, filters, and lighting effects. Upon printing the work, the surface of the print may be further manipulated by the use of watercolor, pastels, and colored pencils.

I've come full circle when I returned to my love of drawing in 2010. It was a way to reconnect with working directly on paper. In 2015, I began taking classes with two pastel painters. I learned the proper use and various techniques involved to move beyond a beginner level. Many of my recent charcoals and pastels are based on scenery from local areas or journeys abroad. View samples of my artwork.

Graphic Design

I am a Graphic Designer with experience in print and web design. During college and graduate school, I took some classes on graphic design and page layout. After graduate school, I found a position working as a desktop publisher formatting Microsoft Word files and creating a pamphlets and flyers in Adobe PageMaker. Over the years, I further developed my skill set by learning new applications within Adobe Creative Suite. Examples of my design work include:

My experience as a graphic designer has helped me create effective and stimulating designs for small and large businesses.