Pastels: Current Work

Previously working with various mediums (charcoal, digital mixed media, and lithography), I began painting pastels featuring national parks, botanical gardens or wildlife refuges three years ago. These landscapes inspire the viewer to reflect upon their relationship with the natural world. My artworks have been exhibited in Massachusetts, Georgia, and Australia.

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In 2010, I returned to drawings as a way to reconnect with working directly on paper using charcoals. When an artist returns to a medium after taking a break, it takes time to reaffirm the relationship between the artist and medium. Landscapes have always provided a rich source of inspiration. They are ever changing and evoke an emotional response. Various design principles are applied to each drawing while shading and tonality further enhance the view.

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Digital Mixed-Media Prints

Many of these digital mixed-media prints below incorporate parts of my vacation photographs. Sketches are created to illustrate various combinations that will transform these pieces into one new landscape—a landscape that lives in both reality and fantasy. The images are merged together through Adobe Photoshop to create a unified piece. The image is further enhanced by the program’s layers, adjustment layers, paintbrushes, filters, and lighting effects. Upon printing the work, the surface of the print may be further manipulated by the use of watercolor, pastels, and colored pencils creating dynamic new landscapes. These series of works were created from 1999 through 2007.

The Compact Prints are digital prints I submitted to the biannual Compact Prints Exhibit and Exchange in Queensland, Australia starting in 2004. To learn moure about Compact Prints, click here.

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Note Cards

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