View a list of selected exhibitions. Previous artwork series can be found on the following links: Charcoals and Digital Mixed Media Prints. Over the years, I also created Note Cards.


Prior to 2015, I knew very little regarding pastels as an artistic medium. When I first started, I settled on 5x7" or smaller because I was unsure of how to mix colors properly, apply marks upon the surface or create textural depth. To gain a better appreciation, I began taking classes and workshops with two pastel painters in 2015. I learned the proper use and various techniques involved to move beyond a beginner level.

Last year, six of my pastels were also displayed at Wheaton College in the Mars Arts & Humanities building. Ellen Llewellyn, Evan Morse, and myself participated in an Alumnae/i Art Exhibit. Below are two articles about the exhibit.

° Inspiration—Mars gallery features art of alumnae/i

° Alumni artwork takes over Meneely's first floor

I believe landscapes—whether it is a national park, a botanical garden, a wildlife refuge or any open space—create a personal connection between the viewer and the artwork.

Journey through Open Spaces is on exhibit at the Sargent Memorial Library in Boxborough, MA, from August 2–September 25, 2017. The pastels depict locations within a national park, a national wildlife refuge as well as other local areas and were created from August 2015 through July 2017.

The pastels are a sample of the pastels part of the Journey through Open Spaces exhibit.





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