Color Theory

On Tuesday, we continued with our pastel class focusing on Color Confidence. We played with neutral colors plus saw how analogous colors worked compared to complementary colors.

At the store where I work, we had a gouache artist present a demo in the spring. She believed  it was important artists create their own color wheels to fully understand and appreciate how colors work. I remember learning about the color wheel in school but I don’t specifically recall mixing pigments to learn about color.

In college, the teacher in one of my first art classes had his students use colored pages in regards to color theory. I’ll have to think about his reasoning for it but I remember we used these pages during the semester in various exercises. I don’t recall any classes after that point where we spent time discussing color theory by mixing colors.

I feel I may have missed something by not mixing pigments. I’m glad the subject matter for this month’s class is Color Confidence. During the first two classes, I learned a lot about mixing neutrals and how they can be used to make colors around them stand out. These exercises will be very beneficial as I continue with my art.

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