Concord Art Walk 2018

Last weekend a total of 33 retailers, restaurants and other businesses in downtown Concord, MA, displayed the artworks of over 30 artists on August 11, 2018. In Albright Art, a local oil painter, Sonya Walters, worked on a still life painting. My work was on display at Revolutionary Concord and I gave a talk regarding my series of watercolors and pastels on the Old North Bridge.

When the date was planned, there was no idea that it would occur the same weekend as the MA Tax Free weekend. Obviously because it was a tax free weekend the normal flow of customers was a bit slower as many would be going to larger stores in the morning looking for great deals on televisions, computers, and furniture as an example.

There were a few times a good flow of people came to view the works on display. I think working on a live piece for Sonya was a good idea. From my vantage point, it seemed like a nice group came to see what she was working on during her four hours at the store.

I was a bit worried that my talk would not have anyone attend. As I began my talk, I believe it was just myself and the person filming the video for Facebook. Luckily, a few people came in as I was speaking. I was happy people came in as it did make it easier to speak to a real person and not just the iPhone filming.

I’m hoping other Art Walk artists enjoyed their time. I didn’t have a chance to walk around during the actual Art Walk event so I’m not sure if Artists gave talks, worked on live pieces or just were available for questions. I was able to see a few of the works before the event began, which was nice to view.

Listen to Sonya speak about her work as well as see my talk about my pastel and watercolor series on the Old North Bridge.

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