Using Apps to Determine Edits

Occasionally I will use one of my iPad apps to figure out how to edit a project before I make the actual changes. I’ve done it with charcoals and have started to do it with my pastels. While there are times I edit directly on the artwork, using an app helps me add and delete parts when I’m not exactly sure what edits I need to make.

In this pastel, there were a few areas where I created ‘unfortunate tangents.’ These tangents are the tops of foreground trees hitting the mountain range in the background. Sure, you could keep these trees as is but sometimes it’s better to make changes to make the piece more visually pleasing. As you can see, I used my ArtRage app to suggest possible changes. The second photo shows how I made some of the edits.

After a critique today, I decided to make changes to another pastel because its composition wasn’t as strong as it could be. The group mentioned the tree on the left side was cut off a bit too much and all the other elements in the foreground followed the same line. See first photo below. This line was also echoed in the reflection in the water. The suggestion was to visually cut up the area from the tree to the rocks and bush in the foreground. Using the app again, I made various edits to make the piece more compelling and draw the viewer into the piece. See second photo below. All that’s left to do is go to my pastel and make the actual edits.

Note: if you haven’t heard of tangents in artwork, here’s a blog entry with visuals to explain what it is.

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