Sharing an artwork

When sharing artwork in a critique, with friends or visitors to your social media, should you share the step by step work in progress or only the finished product?

During a critique, I displayed one of the works where I had just added a few strokes of color on top of the underpainting along side a finished pastel. It was suggested if we had the time to work on the piece(s) when we got home, we should. The idea was you were still in the same mindset when the piece was initially created.

I tried the suggestion. I went home and worked it. When I was finished I thought I’d share with someone from the class. The reaction wasn’t what I was expecting. The part that the group liked when I showed it at the critique was no longer there in that person’s view. Admittedly, I was disappointed. When I viewed it I thought it had the same palette and feeling as the finished piece. Certainly they were two different subject matters but they seemed to work together, which appealed to me.

I took a few days away from that piece thinking about what was said. I tried to recapture what was thought to be the best part of the piece seen at the critique. I found it hard to work on it as I couldn’t get the coloring or marks the same way.

I haven returned to the piece yet. My thinking is that by taking more time away I’ll stop thinking about what was said. I’ll start to see the pastel separate from the comment and begin to choose the coloring and marks based on how I feel towards the piece as I’m working on it.

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