Progression of new pastel

At the beginning of June I began a new pastel. This photo shows the underpainting of the pastel.

As soon as the underpainting dried, I began working on the pastel. It’s based on a scene of a wildlife refuge I visited during a recent trip. A storm was approaching. Luckily we didn’t get stuck on the storm and only encountered a small section of it. We went the opposite direction.

As I worked on the piece, the storm clouds didn’t look as I wanted. Also, I wasn’t sure if the grassy area in the foreground looked quite right. I stepped back from the pastel for a few days. Yesterday, I came back to it. The detail of the pastel shows that the clouds are more intense giving the viewer a clear indication a storm is approaching. Obviously taking a few days away from a piece can end up changing the entire piece. The clouds changed dramatically, which in turn made me realize I needed to change the colors used in the trees and grassy areas. The colors had to be cohesive and work together as a whole.

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