Do you bring art supplies on a trip?

I considered bring some art supplies with me on a recent vacation. I even went as far as putting a small notebook and watercolor set off to the side of my suitcase. I was tempted to bring it with me but at the last minute I did not tuck the supplies in my carryon.

This vacation was not a specific art trip. I’ve heard of trips specifically geared towards artists but have never tried one. Those trips give artists dedicated time each day to paint or draw. I’m looking forward to hearing from a colleague who will be traveling in a few weeks on a painting tour. She’ll be able to give me a better idea how much time was spent each day creating art, what other things the group did during the afternoon, and did she find creating art while on a trip easy.

Perhaps on my next vacation, I’ll at least bring a sketchbook and pencil with me to slowly ease myself into bring supplies when traveling.

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