Progression of new pastel

At the beginning of June I began a new pastel. This photo shows the underpainting of the pastel.

As soon as the underpainting dried, I began working on the pastel. It’s based on a scene of a wildlife refuge I visited during a recent trip. A storm was approaching. Luckily we didn’t get stuck on the storm and only encountered a small section of it. We went the opposite direction.

As I worked on the piece, the storm clouds didn’t look as I wanted. Also, I wasn’t sure if the grassy area in the foreground looked quite right. I stepped back from the pastel for a few days. Yesterday, I came back to it. The detail of the pastel shows that the clouds are more intense giving the viewer a clear indication a storm is approaching. Obviously taking a few days away from a piece can end up changing the entire piece. The clouds changed dramatically, which in turn made me realize I needed to change the colors used in the trees and grassy areas. The colors had to be cohesive and work together as a whole.

Creating New Work

Next spring, I have an opportunity to exhibit my pastels at a nearby library. I met with one of the volunteers who selects exhibiting artists. The work I showed her was from my Journey through Open Spaces exhibit (August–September 2017). I’ll continue with the theme of landscapes but realized it would be nice to include new work. I am finishing one pastel and have ideas for two more. Since this exhibit will not happen until late March/early April of 2019, I have time to work on a number of pieces.

In addition to this exhibit, I submitted work to be considered for two other exhibits. One exhibition was originally scheduled for June 2018, which I had submitted a few pastels back in March. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the exhibit was rescheduled to late summer/early fall. I’m thinking by September I should hear if any of my pastels were selected for this exhibit. The second opportunity is with another library. The committee is reviewing all submissions and will contact approved artists within the next few weeks. They are selecting artists for their October 2018–October 2019 art exhibition schedule.

Do you bring art supplies on a trip?

I considered bring some art supplies with me on a recent vacation. I even went as far as putting a small notebook and watercolor set off to the side of my suitcase. I was tempted to bring it with me but at the last minute I did not tuck the supplies in my carryon.

This vacation was not a specific art trip. I’ve heard of trips specifically geared towards artists but have never tried one. Those trips give artists dedicated time each day to paint or draw. I’m looking forward to hearing from a colleague who will be traveling in a few weeks on a painting tour. She’ll be able to give me a better idea how much time was spent each day creating art, what other things the group did during the afternoon, and did she find creating art while on a trip easy.

Perhaps on my next vacation, I’ll at least bring a sketchbook and pencil with me to slowly ease myself into bring supplies when traveling.