What would you do?

What would you do once artwork is completed?

Here are a few options.

1. Sell it
2. Display it
3. Pack it away
4. Toss it

If you are able to and want to sell your work then by all means sell it. Some artists sell their work to friends or have it purchased by an admirer after it is viewed in a local exhibit. It’s not always an easy process but a person can try selling their work.

Some artists may chose to keep their art. If you keep it, what could you do with it? One option is for the artist to display their artworks at home or in the homes of family members. Unfortunately there’s only so much wall space at home. It’s at this point you pack away the framed pieces and stack up the individual pieces. Perhaps you can display it another day by rearranging and packing away other pieces that previously hung on the wall. Clearly something will be packed up and stored. If you feel the artwork was only an exercise having no emotional connection to the piece you could toss it in the trash.

The third and forth options are not difficult for the artist but for those hearing those options were chosen. I, myself, have on many occasions stacked up and packed away artworks after an exhibit. When I told someone I packed up my artworks after a recent exhibit, this person was surprised and questioned why I did it. I felt as though I had to defend the reason for doing it. Not every artist is able to sell their work or sell it right away. While you can actively exhibit your work, there will be times you are not selected to display your work or there may be weeks or more between exhibits.

Tossing an artwork seems to be another taboo. At the end of a recent class one participant tossed out a piece she completed during the day. Another person was cleaning the tables and noticed the paper in the trash bin. “Who threw out their artwork?” rang out in the studio. A number of participants looked shocked that a piece of art was in the trash. The person replied she had placed it in the trash—she didn’t need or want it as it was only an exercise in her opinion. She turned to me and said she had no emotional connection to it and no longer wanted it. It was completely her decision to do whatever she chose with her piece even though many others were surprised by her action.

What would you do?

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