Working on Pastels in the Winter

I need to remember when working on a pastel in winter I should cover it up before I transport it from the classroom to home. When I left for the class this morning, there wasn’t much precipitation that I thought about what I should have when bring the pastel home.

When leaving class it was lightly raining. Of course, my pastel was taped to my drawing board and I had nothing to keep it dry. I tried turning it upside down exposing the back of the board to the elements. I thought that was a good idea.

Turns out, during the steps from the classroom to the car, I must have brushed up against the pastel. There were slight streaks that would need to be fixed. I have in the past had water drop onto the pastel during, which makes for a glaring mistake.

I need to remember bringing a sheet of glassine to tape over the pastel to protect from both the elements and from my winter jacket.

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