Quick Demos

At work, it was decided we would do presentations or quick demos on Facebook Live. It would be a great way to interact with our customers, we could inform everyone about the products we have to offer,  and we could do quick demonstrations.

I was asked to do the second Live segment—Introduce our customers to the various pastel products available at the store. I began thinking back to a college course I took on public speaking. I decided to do an outline and begin practicing.

The outline came together easily in my opinion. I had an open (introducing myself and the topic), a middle (discussing paper, pastels, and various tools), and an ending (reminding everyone of our weekly Live presentations, where to see our calendar and where we are location for those new to our Facebook page.

A day or two before, I practiced using the outline in front of me.  Soon I realized just winging it with the outline and not having real dialog would not work for me. I fumbled words and had a few seconds here and there where I didn’t speak.  Working on sentences helped me determine what I wanted to say, helped me memorize important information, and minimized those areas where I blanked out on works or phrases

Now I’m practicing for the next Facebook Live segment —Creating a Pastel on Sanded UArt paper.


The segments we will be doing on Facebook Live can be found on Albright Art’s Calendar page


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