Matting a Textured Pastel

It was actually my  video of how to mat a textured pastel that my sister suggest I create a blog. I had thought of it a few years ago when I was learning WordPress but I didn’t have any ideas of what to do for a blog.

I posted this video to my family and friends showing them how I came up with an idea of matting and framing my textured pastel.

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  1. It looks like my idea of using foam core was a good one. I looked at a framed piece done by a frame shop from a few months ago.. They used foam core to create a “channel” to keep the mat away from pastel surface.

    My use of foam core is slightly different. My foam core piece keeps the pastel in the proper spot where the mat opening will appear.

    Without taking the professionally matted piece apart, I believe the framer taped the pastel to a backing board, put the foam core with opening cut out over the pastel, and added the mat on top. I think this construction is called museum mounting.

    In a few days I’ll work on finalizing the matting of this textured pastel.

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